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“The best investment on Earth is Earth.”

Louis Glickman

Stewart Land Group maintains relationships with public officials, attorneys, escrow agents, appraisers, bankers, brokers, architects, engineers, surveyors, land planners, landscape architects, environmental scientists, and land developers. This network of professionals can assist SLG’s clients with the closing of real estate transactions. 


Brokers at Stewart Land Group are also members of the following professional organizations for networking purposes:


  • National Association of Realtors:

    • National Association of real estate brokers, property managers, and appraisers

  • North Carolina Association of Realtors:

    • State association of real estate brokers, property managers, and appraisers

  • Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors:

    • Local association of commercial brokers, property managers, and appraisers

  •  REALTORS Land Institute:

    • National association consisting of brokers who specialize in land sales

  •  American Society of Landscape Architects

    • National and state associations consisting of professionals in or associated with the field of landscape architecture


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